Fingerprint readers and terminals

The latest developments in the field of ID (identification) include numerous biometric systems, i.e. those which use measurements of some of our personalized biological characteristics for irrefutable and rapid recognition of identity. Biometric technology, and especially the part that uses fingerprint reading, is one of our specialties in recent years. We follow very carefully and closely the whole world progress in this area since the beginning of the commercialization of this technology. Thanks to this, knowing everything about its secrets, we can choose the most appropriate tool to use in our systems. Since the market of biometric technology has not yet there observed such a standardization of systems, as for barcodes, each manufacturer uses their own solutions. The ability to evaluate them and use by an independent company (not associated with a specific manufacturer) is still a rarity. Our company works exclusively for the benefit of its customers and therefore chooses for them the best solutions on the market and not those resulting from alliances with their suppliers.



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