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 Our original application called "Cs-WorkPlan" is a program that co-operates closely with the time and attendance control system called "Cs-Time"; just like the "Cs-Time" system, this tool is launched via a web browser, and therefore - from the user's point of view - does not require installing separate and dedicated software locally on its computer.


The "Cs-WorkPlan" module is used to assist in the planning and control of work schedules, allows customizing the system configuration and ensures that the results obtained are in line with the provisions of the Polish labor law, and provides additional advanced reporting functions. The main features of the "WorkPlan" module are:


  • comfortable and intuitive planning of working time schedules while seeing the planned schedules for all employees throughout the department
  • control of hours worked/planned/overtime in the month and the billing period in relation to the standard in force at the time
  • control of the planned days off during the settlement period
  • monitoring of compliance: exceeding the daily standards applicable to daily rest, required weekly rest, a day off for working Sundays or holidays, providing free Sundays resulting from regulations
  • generating monthly time and attendance records of the employee including all the necessary components, such as: the number of hours worked in total and at night, the amount of overtime included, the number of days off (annual leave, sick leave, overtime reception, etc.) 
  • generating a payroll statement containing the results accrued for employees of e.g. a selected department, together with the export of data in a form that allows for import into payroll system.


An important feature of the application is that it records in the form of the so-called log all important events related to the performance of certain operations by the user in the system, allowing for complete identification time and date of their occurrence without the possibility of removal.


In order to maintain consistency of the processed data, their exchange between both systems was ensured. This is achieved through one-sided communication (for configuration data - from "Cs-Time" to "Cs-WorkPlan ') or duplex (for operational data) and takes place directly on the server by using the modern technology of the so-called WebServices. Depending on the type of data involved, synchronization is done automatically or must be consciously called "on demand" by the user.



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