Cs-Time EN


The Internet Time and Attendance Control System and Access Control called "CS-TIME" is one of the most popular systems of this type in the world, with the total number exciding 7,000 companies located on few continents. The Spanish company SPEC the absolute market leader in systems of this type, as the first one in the world has developed its ultra-modern product using over 35 years of its own vast experience. The system's multi-modularity, ease of installation and service allows every company to configure the system for their individual needs. The scalability of the system allows that the system can be used by both large and quite small operators, which can easily extend its functionality over time. Data are provided to the system by dedicated peripherals, including e.g. fingerprint readers, RFID cards or PIN numbers. The system is well suited for implementation in one location as well as in a very geographically extensive network of outlets controlled from one place in real time.

As the sole representative of the manufacturer in Poland, our company has not only adapted this system to local conditions and the provisions of the Labor Law, but also "created" an additional module called the "CS-WorkPlan" used for planning work schedules for individual shifts, monitoring and settling time and attendance in facilities, where these activities are the most difficult to perform, namely in hotels and restaurants. This is the first such comprehensive RCP system functionality implemented in the industry.

Replacement or migration of data from existing staff systems (TETA, SAP, etc.) is possible after creating mechanisms for data exchange, which are made upon customer request.