Labels and Ribbons



Nearly all modern IT systems collect data which are then processed and eventually either cause a particular state or generate reports in order to take appropriate decisions by the users of these systems. One of the basic and cheapest tools used to collect data involves barcodes. These codes must be imprinted permanently onto something in an easy and quick way and then easily applied. Therefore, the most popular medium for this is the self-adhesing label.

There are many types, sizes, and materials of which the labels are manufactured (paper, plastic film, aluminum film, etc.). Their abundance allows choosing the best one suitable for a particular application. Our company has extensive experience and knowledge in the selection of the most appropriate type of labels for any application. In addition, drawing from our mission, we supply all cooperating components of the delivered systems from a single source. This way we are able to eliminate the problem of possible incompatibility of components supplied by different suppliers, who may be unfamiliar with the specifics of the system.


Printing labels also requires special ribbons for industrial printers. We are routinely dealing with their supply, thus eliminating the problem of continuity of supply to our customers. We guarantee that the supplied ribbons are properly matched to the types of labels used, eliminating the common problems in sourcing the wrong components. An additional advantage is the comprehensiveness of our supply i.e. ribbon + label + printer + service = reliable system operation.