Customer needs Analyses

Often for lack of time, distance or analytical personnel, companies focused on their core business fail to notice the changes in their business on time. However, those of them that have the so-called changing market intuition, often attempt to notice changes or sometimes even initiate them. In both cases, you need a sound and multi-layered analysis of the current: internal and external environment (internal and external customers), the results of which are used to construct a vision of improving the way of doing business in the broad sense of the word.  Analysis of Customer Needs can be made in relation to a wide range of issues of concern to run a business, but also in a very narrow range, even for a single process.

Our company is analyzing such single processes or closely related process groups in order to identify the existing vulnerabilities and/or unused opportunities and on this basis propose new solutions.

The analytical work we provide can be used by our clients to assess the current situation and the associated risks or an unexplored chance to improve a number of key processes. It can thus be used to start work on new mechanisms and tools that will enhance the competitive advantage and strengthen the market position of our client.

Our expertise and vast years of experience predispose our company to a solid implementation of analytical work in such areas as: computer security, access control, money turnover, logistics and banking (Cash in Transit, Cash Processing), Time and Attendance Control and Settlement, Production and Logistics Processes, etc.

Upon specific customer order, we analyze selected issues relating to their business. Our services have already aided such institutions as banks, Cash Center, utilities, retail chains, etc.

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