Proprietary Systems

As the so-called Software House we are mainly developing/creating IT products. Some of them are based on our own assumptions, other based on the assumptions of our customers.

Our proprietary solutions are based on analyses made ​​by us in the processes observed in a specific industry or its representatives. With a very rich experience in developing innovative solutions on the one hand, and a fresh look from the outsider perspective on the other, we can see what people directly involved in an activity cannot see due to: routine, lack of time, the existing procedures or lack of interdisciplinary expertise.

We successfully use the above assets for the creation of innovative systems that mainly alter the existing philosophy of the entire industry. While maintaining this approach, we always are afraid of additional difficulties related to the readiness of the market to adopt the proposed solutions. However, we are sure that it is only a matter of time when clients accept new proposals, seeing them as an opportunity for his properity. In addition, due to their flexibility, the proprietary systems that we make are capable of quick adaptation to the unique needs of each client individually and to the changing conditions of the market.

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