System's Integration


In today's information-driven business environment, which uses more and more diverse IT systems that perform a variety of functions and tasks, but always use or provide data to and from other systems, the issue of integrating these systems into a single logical and cooperating whole is quite a challenge. There are actually big specialized companies that deal with this issue exclusively. Our company deals with integrating primarily our proprietary systems with those that our clients are already using or just have purchased. System integration and data exchange are present in almost all of our projects. To this task, we use both our own and public mechanisms. The smooth integration of different systems, often made ​​by different suppliers, is guaranteed by the client's providing a good coordination between the systems integrator and the manufacturers of the integrated systems. We offer integration of different IT systems, but mostly our offer is narrowed to integrate our own solutions with others systems. This is due to the purposes that our company is committed to, and which are primarily the creation, implementation and support for our own IT solutions. Integration with other systems is often a necessary element of our overall projects, which we do willingly. However, in line with our strategy, it is not an independent department of our activity. In summary, our clients will receive a full package of services including: integration of our system with the systems already in place, while the integration of the other systems will require employing a different operator specialized in this area.

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