General & Expert Traning


This type of training is dedicated to all customers who would like to acquire general knowledge about the topics of interest our company is being focused e.g. technologies such as: biometric, barcodes or RFID. In addition, we organize specialized training on selected aspects of the very specific individual systems, equipment, and phenomena such as: operation of a thermo-transfer printer ZEBRA XI90, etc.

The customer may need to have trained its staff to better understand the overall operation of individual elements of the system, so that they can understand these particularities and e.g. make better use of their potential or initiate changes to extend it. Unfortunately, it often happens that the client company has one or more persons having a high knowledge of the narrow but critical processes. Upon their departure from the organization a so-called competence gap is created; this may even result in stopping the current process and result in unpredictable, very large losses. Quick and professional training of new employees in this case is not to be underestimated.

Our team of professionals is available to the customer reporting the need for such training.

The most common forms of training are:

In terms of LOGISTICS :

  • in each of the system operating locations
  • in the client's headquarter or another facility owned or booked by the client
  • at the supplier's training center or a facility booked by the supplier


  • a trainer of the system's provider
  • a person trained by the system's provider, belonging to the client's training staff
  • training via the Internet (e-learning)
  • instructional video or a special training presentation


  • general training - only covers selected issues, mainly in the form of a lecture
  • detailed training – covers not only the general issues, but also different thematic nuances with numerous examples and descriptions of critical situations
  • practical training – the most effective, as it covers the practical aspects of the system's operation, in the form of practical classes with the system




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