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E-learning is a rapidly growing field of distance learning using tools such as Internet, video, CD media, etc. Its primary goal was and still is to transfer the knowledge over a distance to many users in form of the training service at their chosen time, pace and selected range of material*.

In addition to the largest group of e-learning applications, dedicated to teaching processes, mainly conducted by reputable universities, e-learning has become a tool of learning in business, mainly in B2B relationships relating to the transmission of knowledge about the offered products - their handling, servicing, etc.

Our company actively uses and develops the techniques used in e-learning, mainly for the needs of our customers. The acceptance level of this method by our customers set the pace of its increasing development as a main tool in training's process. After a period of reluctance in its use, a trend of acceptance arises for the new method, mainly due to the much cheaper cost of its use in comparison with traditional methods. The second advantage is the very logistics of this training, which does not require trainees to gather a group of people in one place at a time. Each user can log in to the appropriate application at a time and place that best suits him/her.

It is the wish of our company that in the near future all of our systems were equipped with interactive training courses available within the e-learning services instead of the traditional "unread" manuals.

Based on our growing experience, we also want to develop this method of knowledge transfer, as our product ready to use for potential customers.


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