Product Traning

Even the best IT system will not fulfil its tasks if operated poorly! Unfortunately, this truism is underestimated by many users and, sadly, neglected. This results in inefficient use of often expensive tools, staff frustration, lack of appropriate and timely provided information for decision-makers, etc... This list can go on and on, yet still a lot of decision-makers will believe that the time and money devoted to training are the time and money wasted. Nothing could be further from the truth. In our opinion, good training is at least half the battle. Although both we and other developers are trying to create software in such a way as to make operation as intuitive as possible, some minimum of new knowledge must be learned, preferably already upon the first contact with the new system. Mastering its operation will then be short and the benefits of its introduction visible the next day. Failure or delay of proper training time always results in the inefficient use of the system and even the users' aversion to it. The resulting dilemma "to train or not to train"; and if so, to what extent and when, only has one good answer: yes, once and as widely as possible - it just pays off!

Aware of the above relationships, we try to explain to our partners at the stage of contract conclusion, what blessing good training brings and what disasters can be brought by its lack thereof or its inadequate form.

The training we organize can be divided into four basic types:

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