Service Desk


In accordance with the philosophy and mission of our activities, we assist all customers who so wish throughout the life of the product delivered by us; from the birth of the idea of its creation throughout the whole period of its operation. This approach has met with a large kindness and appreciation from our customers because it allows them to focus solely on their core area of business, leaving all issues relating to the supervision of specialized systems to a company that knows literally everything about these systems!

In order to provide efficient servicing for our customers, we have created and continue to improve our dedicated structure within our organization. Several years of experience has enabled us to develop our own proven and often unique ways of providing effective support services to our systems' users.

The basic structural elements of our customer support services are: HELP DESK, HOT LINE and SERVICE

As part of the structural division of the SERVICE DESK, we offer customers two forms of payment for the services rendered:

  • SUBSCRIPTION – flat rate subscription fee for the scope of servicing set out in the contract
  • ACTION-WISE – fee calculated separately for each service operation commissioned

Below is a diagram of the availability of the typical support activities, depending on the selected parameters and types of services provided:

Service – Desk Internet Platform ( SDIP )

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