In the era of permanent cost reductions with market pressure to improve the quality of delivered products and services, companies are faced with the difficult challenge of finding a way to reduce investment costs and operating costs while improving the quality of the final product. This is seemingly exclusive assumption because generally cutting both these costs is accompanied by lowering of quality. But there is a way to reconcile these two contradictories, which involves commissioning certain jobs not related to the main area of the business operations to company for which those operations are the primary business. In the nature of things that if someone is doing it for what they know best , they would be doing it well and efficiently. However, if they start doing things that are alien to them, they would lose a lot of energy and attention on it to perform at their best and still the result is far from the expectations; not to mention putting the increasingly neglected core business on the side track. Moreover, for some minor processes to be executed well, one should invest their time and money, thus draining these two precious and limited resources. One way to focus on your core business while maintaining the proper performance of many non-core processes perfectly and cheaper is to use the OUTSOURCING services.


OUTSOURCING is a very effective way to achieve many of the operational objectives of the company without involving its own resources.


We are a company that specializes in outsourcing processes, including the outsourcing of Time and Attendance control and settlement processes. We do it in an innovative and unique way, using for that purpose our proprietary systems and our own equipment. The service offered by us bears the trade name CS - CERBER and is offered to all customers regardless of their size, location or special preferences. This is possible due to e.g. the fact that as the creator of the system and the service we can adapt it to the specifics of each client.

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