In the era of permanent cost reductions with market pressure to improve the quality of delivered products and services, companies are faced with the difficult challenge of finding a way to reduce investment costs and operating costs while improving the quality of the final product. This is seemingly exclusive assumption because generally cutting both these costs is accompanied by lowering of quality. But there is a way to reconcile these two contradictories, which involves commissioning certain jobs not related to the main area of the business operations to company for which those operations are the primary business. In the nature of things that if someone is doing it for what they know best , they would be doing it well and efficiently. However, if they start doing things that are alien to them, they would lose a lot of energy and attention on it to perform at their best and still the result is far from the expectations; not to mention putting the increasingly neglected core business on the side track. Moreover, for some minor processes to be executed well, one should invest their time and money, thus draining these two precious and limited resources. One way to focus on your core business while maintaining the proper performance of many non-core processes perfectly and cheaper is to use the OUTSOURCING services.


OUTSOURCING is a very effective way to achieve many of the operational objectives of the company without involving its own resources.



Logo eTELLaThe outsourcing service for an IT called.: „eTELLa” is a very attractive solution for all those trading companies, which have an extensive network of branches, and who wanted them to settle on-line; the service itself ensures literally everything that is related to its implementation, maintenance, cashiers billing, bank settlement, etc..; pay a small monthly fee for all that and have all the technical and organizational issues settled. In other words, for a small monthly fee, your may have a system that controls the entire process of clearing teller, provides individual and collective results in real time and replaces an army of workers who have so far performed these tasks in a much longer time, with mistakes and a lot more money.


The offered service revolutionizes the existing systems in this matter. In an era when retail is going through another revolution involving the replacement of cashiers with semi-automatic cashier stations where the customers themselves are employed to attend to their shopping, it becomes necessary to further a need for a new philosophy of cheap, fast and safe clearing each of the tellers, the whole store or the entire chain in real-time with the possibility of broad reporting without engaging your services and resources. How does it work?


The outsourcing service for an IT system called: "eTELLa" is an extremely attractive offer for all those who are willing to pay a small monthly subscription to get rid of any possible problems with the settlement of subordinate employees and/or outlets, as the service includes:

» Unrestricted access (24/7/365) to clearing all cashiers employed by the company, the whole store or groups of stores divided into regions; accessible from anywhere in the world via a web browser

» Fast and accurate settlement of each of the working cashiers and the entire store on the basis of friendly yet accurate procedure for settlements, accessible via a web browser

» Ability to automatically download the count results of deposited takings of every cashier separately or the store as a whole, and even the entire chain and automatically settle them with the results taken from the sales system taking into account the teller benefits taken

» Settlement of all voucher and other campaigns

» Apart from settlements in the national currency (zł), possibility of selling also in foreign currencies such as the "Euro"

» No need to invest in: expensive infrastructure, software licenses, system administration, purchasing upgrades, help-desk support for the entire network, etc.

» Ability to customize the "eTELLa" during its initial implementation to the specific requirements of each user, and later, during its life whenever requested by the client

» Ability to multi-dimensional reporting by criteria and frequency agreed with the Employer

» Optional training of the Customer's subordinate employees in the operation of the "eTELLa" with an extensive Service Provider training program

» One of the many options of ongoing Help Desk Support Service

» Ability to exchange data with other customer's systems by providing replacement mechanisms, e.g.: data import from HR and payroll systems, data export to sales systems, etc.

» Shortening time the persons in managerial positions allocated to the settlement of subordinate employees and the store of all takings to an absolute minimum, and reporting while increasing the reliability of the accounts made

» The ability to test the system in the selected Customer's branch quickly and without obligation

» The ability to deduct the cost of the monthly subscription revenue rather than their depreciation, as in the purchase of fixed assets

» Increased labor discipline and security through standardized procedures across the network and daily compliance forced by the system


Implementing the system policies, a modern web-based system has been created that could be operated from any computer with a web browser. Security and encryption of transmitted data is provided by a certified SSL protocol (128 bit) and provides a level of security similar to those in the online banking systems.

The individual functional modules of the system provide a consistent and intuitive handling, organizing the users' work efficiently in such areas as:

» Orders planning, taking and accounting teller benefits by the cashiers

» Taking and accounting security measures (safe deposit envelopes)

» Semi-automatic deposition of cashier takings

» Automatic confronting of data on the amount of takings deposited by the cashier (taken from the POS system) with the data transmitted by the bank (counting facility).

Additional optional functionality available via web browser allows the counting facility to enter on-line data on the value of deposits converted directly to the database server. The functionality of the system has been enhanced with a customizable module for planning and settling various kinds of promotional campaigns (vouchers). The system stores a background copy of all the activities important for the safety of its operation, carried out by all its members, thus ensuring complete safety of operation.



In the case of critical systems such as "eTELLa", in addition to reliability and efficiency, their most important feature must be the safety of access and security of stored data. As part of the "eTELLa" system, the provider has introduced a number of safeguards, both those related to the construction and operation of the system itself, connecting to it (login), data archiving and organization of system operation and customer support, providing:


» Reduced cost and cashiers settling time

» Provided generation of receipts of correct cash deposit for cashiers, improving comfort and security of their work

» Significantly reduced the length of daily settlements, allowing officers to deal with the organization of sales and customer service

» Introduced strict procedures of conduct, which had a preventive effect on the attitudes of employees, eliminating potential attempted theft or unauthorized borrowing money

» Minimized mistakes

» Automated data exchange between all client systems that support the operations of cash and cashier settlements.

» Settlement of takings in two currencies (PLN, EUR)

» Organization and settlement of various promotional campaigns came under the full control of the system

» Generation of a wide range of reports allowed a full analysis of the different parameters of the work of the branch and the people it employs

» The ease, speed and low cost of system implementation and operation

» introduced the possibility of monitoring units dispersed on unlimited area from one place in real time and generate e.g. comparative reports, etc.
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