SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) – agreement relating to standarts of service

 Our outsourcing services also include services such as "SLA", i.e. services involving maintaining and systematically improving the agreed quality level of services provided by the Outsourcer. In the case of our company, we specialize in the implementation of SLA agreements in the field of IT support and maintenance provided by our systems and tools. In this regard, we have many years of experience gained in cooperation with major companies in our country, as well as much smaller ones, although by no means less demanding.

 As part of a complete IT service, we have worked with the company Transposafe Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. for a period of six years, and from 2008 to the present day with the company Pro Secure Technology Poland Sp. z o.o. We provide services for Copper Smelter in Głogow, part of KGHM S.A. as part of service for our implemented IT systems and tools cooperating with them since 2000 to the present day, and with the leader in wholesale trade MAKRO CASH AND CARRY POLAND S.A. since 2004 also to this day.

 Due to the specific needs of each client, we set all SLA terms individually on the basis of diagnosed and reported client's needs. We also introduce the elements of analysis of the agreement and make significant adjustments and improvements to the entire process. In the case of MAKRO CASH AND CARRY POLAND SA, in order to significantly improve services for the repair of pneumatic mail tubes for all the company halls across Poland, we have created a dedicated web platform, the functionality of which has increased efficiency: our service, service suppliers, service requests, on-line status control for the tubes provided and allowed numerous statistics arising from the adopted process. Customer satisfaction with such enhanced services increased radically by orders of magnitude compared to the original system. The above example is only one of many showing what unconventional and advanced methods we can use to maintain client satisfaction with the signed at an all-time high.


We encourage all prospective clients to talk about their needs and our ideas to satisfy them within the services we offer!

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