Since the establishment of our Company, INNOVATION has been the axis around which new ideas and projects are generated, the work of our team is organized, and new technologies are adopted for its purposes. A specific "hunger" to create innovative solutions was, is and always will be the hallmark of our company. In order to satisfy it, we are relentless in exploring new technology, creative ideas and original solutions adapting the latest technological trends to the individual needs of our clients.

It often happens that the market does not offer the necessary elements, without which our products could not fully satisfy the needs of our customers. We do not treat such situations as entering a "dead end", but always as a challenge to enter the "peak yet unconquered”!

Formulated and implemented in this way, the philosophy of the company in terms of innovation not only provides tangible benefits to our customers, but also gives us a huge boost of enthusiasm to encourage further dynamic work and continuous seizing the latest and better solutions.

Patents are one of the ways to protect our innovative achievements. Due to the very bureaucratic and expensive procedures of legal patent protection still present in our country, we decided to patent only a few among many of our solutions. The following are examples of our obtained patents:



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