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          While running operations in the global market, irrespective of the extent of this activity (local, national, international), this always leaves a trace. This trail can be fleeting or a little more durable; stored in the memory of one's business partners, in the content of contracts and agreements, but also in the publications of third parties, who have an observer's perspective and can sometimes see the company or its direct business environment. We believe that a good opinion in any form is valuable and important. Nevertheless, the assessments published by third parties in particular are those that in the long run allow you to make a relatively objective assessment studies of the achievements and credibility of a company, and based on previous behavior, they significantly shape the image of development trends and the company's behavior in the future. Such opinions also testify to the perception of the company by the external environment and have an impact on the creation of the so-called "Goodwill" level, which often remains an unappreciated component of the company's market value.

You may not want to exaggerate the role of these assessments, but you cannot ignore them! Gathering in one place at the largest quantities possible, these allow easier access to them for interested parties and above all raise awareness of their existence! In our company's image creation policy, we try to gather our resources, consisting of as much of such information as possible. Not all of them are suitable for publication (form, intellectual property rights, contracts), but those of them which have the appearance of objectivity and form suitable for publication, we will publish in these subpages of our corporate website.


In 2006, after 6 years of our company in the market, a reputable international audit firm HAVIS commissioned by the Spanish company Singular-Tech , subsidiary "Grupo SPEC", one of the world leaders in the field of modern Time and Attendance control systems, made a detailed analysis of the so-called standing of a few selected thriving Polish operators who at that time addressed the issues of biometric access control and Time and Attendance control. The aim of this study was to select a strategic and exclusive representative of the Spanish company in Poland. To this day, the representative is .... our company, why? See the details of the report.

Due to the confidential nature of the data and the lack of consent of other parties assessed in the report, their names have been deleted and are available for inspection by interested parties following contact with us.





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