Who We Are

 Organizationally, Data Evolution Labs (DELs) is an economic operator with legal personality in the form of a limited liability company, registered by the District Court for Wrocław - Fabryczna, VI Division of the National Court Register under the number: 0000187404.

Since the company was founded in 2000, it has been involved in the production, implementation and support of proprietary solutions, created for the most demanding corporate clients, both domestic and foreign. We mainly deal with the creation of dedicated IT systems to organize and control logistics processes, including the logistics of money, and for the last several years also to control and settle Time and Attendance and for access control. Almost all of our offer covers IT systems designed from scratch by our company and our employees. We are especially proud of this because our creative skills to create dedicated IT systems are always very highly rated by our satisfied customers, and this gives us the unique satisfaction of a creative job well done, the results of which solve specific problems or manage the critical functions of our clients' businesses.

As part of our mission throughout the life of the company, we place great emphasis on creating and preserving a very friendly environment that allows symbiotic operation to our customers, suppliers and our employees alike. In the case of the latter, we introduce a number of incentives, tailored to the current needs and situations in the development of the company and the phase of the economic cycle. As a result, we reach above-average commitment and through this, outstanding performance of our team, whose final beneficiaries are always our customers!

We are also a unique company that adheres to the old, proven values​​, such as: handcrafted reliability, honesty, full commitment and dedication to every project, trust and friendship, etc... When combined, these often have a patina-covered concepts with rich knowledge of the latest technologies (RFID, biometrics, Internet) we obtain a unique value to our offer, extremely highly rated by all our customers, without exception.

In the future, we want to keep all these proven strengths within our organization and continuously enrich them with new positive experiences and patterns, creating original and unique products for the growing number of our satisfied customers.



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