Dels History


One of the undoubted strengths of every organization that proves its reliability, efficiency and attractiveness to clients is its age. Paradoxically, at a time when everything is changing with such dizzying speed, as has been the case for the last 40 years (commercial application of the transistor), and as new technologies allow for brilliant careers of many young companies, the market seniority of many of their older competitors becomes even greater an advantage than before. The reason for this assessment is the practical proof that these mature companies have proven in action to have adaptation skills when it comes to rapidly changing conditions, both in terms of the market and the constantly emerging new technologies. After all, coming up with something new and putting it on the market is not permanent success. Success is to remain on the market and catch each successive new wave to ensure that the company is ready to face new opportunities . Organizations that have acquired such skills have become a permanent guarantee of a satisfactory and long-term cooperation for their current and future clients.

The company's ability to initiate such changes is best evidenced by its history. For marketing purposes, it usually only shows the successes or events that are milestones for the organization, while ignoring the difficult moments. This should not be perceived as hypocrisy, however. Anyone who has been managing any organization even for a short time knows that company management is a continuous process of solving problems, some bigger than others, old ones replaced by new. A positive history presented in the company's marketing studies is to show its clients that, despite the ongoing struggle, the company would always record another success in its history. A success that proves clearly that it is not afraid of any difficulties, takes the fight to the problem but only so that at the end it could announce its next victory! Overcoming difficulties temper, and success adds energy and enthusiasm to take on further major challenges.

Please kindly read the success story of our company, of which we are very proud. We guarantee that based on our past experience, we will stand up to any challenge in order to secure our future as a series of sensational achievements and successes, which we also wish to be the successes of our satisfied clients!

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